Giacomo's Trio

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Indulge in the ultimate flavor experience with Giacomo's Trio. Crafted with a perfect blend of traditional Italian craftsmanship and daring innovation, this trio of salamis will transport your palate on an unforgettable journey. From the rich and timeless Salami Classico to the fiery kick of the Habanero Salami, each bite is a delicious balance of old-world charm and modern zest. Whether you're treating yourself or impressing your guests, Giacomo's Trio can effortlessly satisfy 20-30 hungry souls. Elevate your charcuterie game today!

Lamb Milano: Giacomo crafts our Lamb Milano salami with a 75/25 lamb-to-pork ratio, eliminating the gamey flavor while still maintaining lamb's rich, savory notes.  This salami is finely ground and blended with fresh garlic, whole peppercorns, and Chablis wine.

Salami Classico: It doesn’t have to be complicated. The Salami Classico, our most traditional salami, is flavored with a mild balance of salt and black pepper. 

Habanero Salami: By using whole, fresh habanero (as opposed to oil or powder), Giacomo not only captures a fresher flavor, but creates a beautiful visual interest as well. When you slice into our Habanero Salami, you can see the beautiful orange specks that can only come from a fresh pepper.

(Each box contains three medium sized salami's; weighted to be 1.25lbs. each.)