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Struggling to locate the precise product in our catalog? No worries — we can customize it for you. With expertise in crafting various unique products, our small company can offer tailor-made solutions to make your offerings stand out. Please be aware: a minimum batch of 800 lbs is needed for custom fabrication.

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Ensuring Consistent Quality

Before Opening Our dry-aged products are guaranteed shelf stable for at least 180 days from date of receipt. Always refer to the date on the package as it may extend even longer. Regardless, that timeframe is contingent on storage in a dry space, out of direct sunlight, and at a temperature at or below 72°F. Short-term exposure to temperatures beyond 72°F will not spoil the product but may affect quality and flavor.
While refrigerating unopened salami is not required, it will serve as an additional measure to protect its quality and extend the product’s lifespan. Freezing is not recommended and may negatively affect quality.

After Opening For the truest flavor and quality, all opened dry-aged products should remain refrigerated until serving. Sliced pieces should be enjoyed within 72 hours. Our retail chub line features a built-in zipper to reseal leftovers. Deli size pieces that have been cut should be wrapped tightly in saran wrap and stored until you’re ready to serve again. Over time, after opening, the product will begin to dry out. When this happens, the product is not spoiled. Simply slice off the dried end, discard and serve from there.

When properly wrapped and refrigerated, any opened salami should be enjoyed within 4-5 weeks.

Serving Salami

Remove the Casing All of our salamis and dry-aged products are sold in a controlled-atmosphere shrink bag. In addition, most of our salamis (excluding Spanish-Style Chorizo) are wrapped in a secondary non-edible casing. The shrink bag and casing must both be removed prior to enjoying.

Serving Temperature Salami is best served at room temperature. If serving in a charcuterie application, allow time for the product to warm slightly from the refrigerator for the fullest, truest flavor and texture.

Displaying Retail Products San Giuseppe’s resealable stand-up pouch allows products to be displayed standing on a shelf, in a basket, or hung from clips.

Minimum Order Quantity

We require a minimum order of six cases to ship.

Can we pick-up at your facility?

As a USDA-inspected production facility, our Elon, NC facility is closed to the public. As a result, generally, we cannot allow order pickups. That said, we invite you to visit our brick-and-mortar market in nearby Greensboro: Giacomo’s Italian Market. Think of it as our test kitchen: you’ll be able to sample all of our products, while learning the back story of San Giuseppe!

I’m having a salami emergency! Can you overnight product to me?

All wholesale orders are shipped via UPS Ground, but expedited shipping is available at an additional cost.