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Gavone Box. Simple.

A great gift, focused on the salami and handmade charcuterie board. Medium-Sized Salamis are a perfect step-up from our standard chubs. With a similar diameter, they are the equivalent of 4 standard chubs and are perfect for pizza toppings, salads, charcuterie and antipasto.

Each box contains:

About our Cutting Boards:

About your New Charcuterie / Serving Board

Handmade cutting boards brought to you by MJT Woodworking by Mark Turi based in Greensboro, NC. Your new board was made from quality hardwood that should last many years with the proper care. Each board is selected for the most visually appealing grain pattern and then cut to the desired size and shape. Then the board is flattened, edge routed and sanded through a variety of grits up to 320. This is followed by a misting of water to raise the grain, air dried, and then sanded again. This process is repeated a second time to ensure your board remains smooth after the first washing. A final sanding by hand at 320 & 400 grit produces the super smooth edges and surface. Each board is then soaked with mineral oil and air dried before a final rubdown with a homemade board butter (mineral oil and beeswax) to produce that buttery soft feel. The board is then burnished with a brown paper bag which is equivalent to around 2000 grit and then finally buffed with a soft cloth.

Boards range 5-6" x 14-16"

Disclaimer: Due to nature of handmade charcuterie boards, the board you receive in your order may not be the exact board pictured. Boards are all similar designs and sizes. 

Charcuterie / Serving Board Care and Maintenance

Wash with a soft sponge using warm soapy water, lightly rinse, and dry immediately. Completely avoid abrasive cleaning materials. Apply a light coat of food safe mineral oil or butcher block oil and buff with a soft cloth after each use. Never put in dishwasher, submerge in water, or apply direct heat. Store in a cool dry place.