Product Safety

September 1, 2021

To our famiglia:

As you may have seen, stories of salmonella poisoning related to Italian deli meats have made appearances in several national and even international publications. So far, the CDC has reported 36 cases in 17 states.

Since then, a New Jersey-based manufacturer has issued a recall for a potentially contaminated, pre-sliced product line including various salami, prosciutto, capicola and sopressata.

The fact that these products were pre-sliced is an important distinction: pre-slicing product significantly heightens the risk for contamination of any kind. Out respect for tradition, product longevity, and - above all else - product safety, we do not pre-slice any of our products and sell them whole for on-demand slicing.

We can confidently say that there is no link between our product line and the ongoing outbreak. That said, we have elected to take the opportunity to share the measures we go to in order to ensure safe product.


Steps We Take to Ensure Safe Product

Even as a “small manufacturer,” we are under constant USDA supervision and guidance. Every day that our team manufactures or packages product of any kind, an outside USDA inspector joins us on site for unbiased review of our process and technique, ensuring a consistently safe process.

Additionally, while we view our technique as an “art,” it is in actuality extremely prescribed and follows strict adherence to published protocol and safety measures. Out of an interest in producing a consistent, extremely safe product, our manufacturing protocol regularly exceeds the minimums set forth by the USDA. All protocol, technique and recipes are submitted to the USDA for review.

While we continuously test our products for contaminants within our own facility, we also ship samples to an outside lab on a weekly basis for further testing.

In the extremely unlikely event of a voluntary recall, you – our customers – will be the first to know, and we want to assure you that we will let you know directly. We track our products extremely closely and have the ability to isolate affected products and batches swiftly and effectively.


If you ever receive product that is anything less than your expectations, please let us know immediately so that we can correct it and make it right.

Thank you for your busines and support!

Grazie mille,
Alex Hale
Sales & Marketing Manager