San Giuseppe Salami Co.

Giacomo's Extra-Large Gift Box

Regular price $99.95

Each Gift box contains the following items:

  • Three 6 oz. Salami Chubs (Sweet Sopressata, Salami Vesuvio and Salami Milano)
  • One Twin-pack of San Giuseppe Spanish Chorizo.
  • Imported aged Provolone, 1 lb. 
  • Imported aged Parmeggiano Reggiano, 1 lb.
  • One box of Grissini Breadsticks
  • One bag of Tropical Almonds
  • One Bambu Chocolate Wafer
  • One bag of Cedrinca Italian Candies
  • One Ferrara Torrone
  • Small Toblerone Chocolate
  • One bag of Milano Bianco Cookies
  • One Kinder Bueno Chocolate Candy

Please Note: Because many of these items are imported or hard-to-find, this list if subject to change based on seasonal availability. If necessary, an equal substitution may be made. Picture does not necessarily reflect everything that's included. 

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