Piave Box

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Our Piave Box includes one 6 oz. Hot Sopressata Chub, one 6 oz. Lamb Milano chub, and one 5 oz. piece of Piave cheese.

Both salamis are handcrafted using NC-raised pork, choice curated ingredients and a deep appreciation for authenticity. There are no added nitrates or nitrites and each salami is Gluten Free.

"Named after the river Piave, whose headwaters lie in the Dolomites near Veneto, Piave bears some similarities to a lighter, younger version of Parmigiano Reggiano. The texture of Piave is dense and smooth and firm, becoming harder as the cheeses mature. The interior paste is a rich, straw, buttery-yellow color, becoming slightly darker towards the rind. Piave has an intense, full-bodied and distinctly tropical flavor that intensifies with age. There are distinct notes of pineapple, citrus and butterscotch and caramel." (Cultured Cheese Magazine)